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"GRACE FELLOWSHIP" - a FELLOWSHIP of people who have received the grace of Jesus Christ by believing in his finished work... Today the lord has his beloved being used widely across the world. Thousand have been healed and blessed at these meetings. Jesus has anointed me with prophesy, healing and gift of work of knowledge. Testimonies at grace ministry proves that Jesus is alive....and that his grace is sufficient for me.

- Tijo Thomas -


Give with a smile

Thank you for your support that you have financially rendered to Grace Fellowship India. By His grace, your aids and prayers are changing lives and populations globally. Grace Fellowship India volunteers to continue communicating Gods messages of loveliness, confidence, mercy, affection and deliverance to people from every walks of life. Learn more


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Grace Fellowship

Live Telecast

Grace Fellowship Live. Watch the teachings,blessings,of our Lord God, from Grace Fellowship Live.

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Making lives better through christ

Family Counselling

The pressures of everyday life can be challenges like looking for jobs, to achieve a balance of work and family life, and to maintain a good place to live for you and your family.

Students Counselling

Grace Community's Children Counselling Programme is ready to assist you for what you and your children need, and supports you to work toward positive change.

Addict Support

The Addictions Support Groups at Grace Community India follow a Biblical approach to any nature of addiction including, drugs and alcohol.

better Lives

Counselling at Grace Community India is a specialised healing ministry with a unique approach that is considerate and deep-rooted in the teachings of the scripture,